API Investimentos, Lda was founded on 16 February 2012, in Maputo, and is a company made up of mostly Mozambican capital, having as partners: Mr. Paulino José Macaringue, of Intratrek Properties (Pty) Ltd, represented by Ibrahim Sildky Yusuf, the OCIREMA, Lda, represented by João Américo Mpfumo, the last being the President of the Board of Directors of the company.

Since its founding, the company offers/ presents excellent quality of services, using different strategies of business management, in compliance with the provisions in the contracts of service of each customer.

Where we operate

API Investimentos, Lda, acts physically throughout the Republic of Mozambique, we are based in Maputo City, Av. Mao Tsé-Tung, No.1278, Ground floor, through the matrix in Maputo, covering other provinces through its presence in the market.

Our objective

Having the commitment in the business management.

  1. Management of Investments / Holdings;
  2. Provision of Services;
  3. Public Works;
  4. Commercial and Industrial Activity;
  5. Import and Export;
  6. Representation and Agency Brand Products;
  7. Public Health; and
  8. Exploration of mineral resources

To solve/ troubleshoot the integration problems in the Mozambican market, through partnerships, quality and responsibility. All this within the code of management ethics, preserving at all times the image of the organization of domestic and foreign partners.

We have achieved excellent results in the Consulting and Services area, in the region where we provide services, allowing our client to devote themselves exclusively to their field of activity, in order to achieve the main/ key objective in its market segment.

Our Vision: You

Be the company with the best service in the market.

But How?

Being aware that the key to our client is to ensure a quality service, which is momentarily in a state of default, and under our responsibility, we will manage creative management actions in order to revert to the default and consequently achieve the desired financing returns.

Our Mission: To build a partnership.

To provide a consultancy service, dynamic and agile with superior quality for all clients by promoting the recovery of assets in a competitive and profitable manner, with the customer as a partner and adding value through creative strategies, differentiated and tailored to the needs of your organization, all with great competence and seriousness/ professionalism.

Our Professionals

We have a young team, dynamic, creative and with excellent technical level. All this because our staff is selected and trained with an emphasis on interpersonal relations and   governing legislation, Consulting Services, Public Works, Industrial and Commercial Activity, Import and Export, Representation, Agency Brand Products, Public Health and Exploitation of Mineral Resources.

We believe that success depends on the people, and for that reason we invest in ongoing training of our staff, looking parallel to develop a work environment conducive to the development of professional intellect.

The result of this vision is the commitment of the team with the goals, mission and vision of the company.


We are a computerized company, so we can receive the services portfolio, via data transmission or magnetic media safely, and in the same way just make the return and / or accountability.

Provision of Consulting Services

It is in this phase that we concentrate our efforts, working in an agile form, so that our customers have greater gains in shortest time, reducing costs and improving quality.

Strategic differentiator/ differential

This is our flag. Everything we do on a day-to-day basis to achieve the best results is done smartly, managing different actions able to meet our goal. We also have:

  • Organizational structure solidified;
  • Highly qualified staff is committed to the success of the company;
  • Actions differentiated and customized for each client;
  • Creative strategies for obtaining borrowed capital;
  • Commitment, flexibility and reliability;
  • Respect for contracts;
  • Respect for the clients;

The API Investimentos, Lda, is the ideal company to a successful partnership because she is an expert in finding optimal solutions for the management of investments.

The experience, the quality of our services, the technical expertise and ethics of our employees and our differentiated services, enables us to get a high credit score with our customers. This way we ensure the success of our inspiring service reliability and security to our customers.

Another important factor for the success of services is our commitment to the preservation of our customers always striving for best care.

For all these reasons we believe to be the ideal partner for the development of your business.


We work hard to meet all the special demands of each client.

Our address: Av. Mao Tsé Tung, No.1278, Ground Floor

Email: apiinvestimentos@tvcabo.co.mz     Fax: (258) 21415041