Lo Lite Technologies, is in partnership with reputable solar products manufacturers and installers to implement various solar power solutions in low cost environmental and housing in South Africa and the neighboring countries.



The latest project in Zambia on Government road – Solar Street lights


Empower Public and Private Sector(s) to increase efficiency and effectiveness by providing state of art software and hardware energy power solutions

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Social Level
Transform sunlight into electrical energy that can light up Homes, Offices, Factories and etc. Solar energy can run Bulbs, TVs, Washing machines, Computers, Warehouse/Storage Houses, Gardens/Vegetable lights, Parking lots and other commercial equipment’s

Business Level

To increase the value of the company and global portfolio of products and services that enable and transform the way consumers, businesses and institutions manage, process, distribute and communicate information for the betterment of their respective businesses.

Contact us; info@intratrek.co.za